This contract applies to goods supplied via GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd's website or directly by the company. The term "customer" refers to the person or juristic person to whom the products are marketed or supplied by GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd., including dealers and retail customers. The contract becomes legally binding when GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. receives the customer's order for the goods and accepts it by issuing a pro forma invoice or tax invoice. GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. reserves the right to vary or amend the terms of this contract with regard to future sales. The customer can request a free copy of the latest contract from GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd.

Placing an order

GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. accepts both written and verbal orders and cannot be held responsible for errors or misunderstandings resulting from non-written orders. If telephone orders are placed, customers may need to confirm in writing before acceptance. If goods are not collected within 7 business days, GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the order. Special-order goods and large quantities of goods require a 20% deposit. If a customer cancels an order after acceptance, GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. may charge a reasonable penalty fee.

Quotations are valid for one working day, and payments processed on expired quotations will require payment shortfalls. Payment terms are cash on delivery (COD) unless a credit facility has been approved. Payment options include Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and debit/credit card payments online or at our branch. Customers are responsible for any bank charges incurred by GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. when cash deposit payments or forex payments are made directly into one of GeeNet's bank accounts.

GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. has the right to suspend deliveries, refuse to accept orders, and exercise its rights in terms of clause GRANTING AND WITHDRAWAL OF CREDIT if any amount due is unpaid or the customer's credit limit is exceeded. If an amount is not settled on the due date, the full outstanding amount becomes due and payable, and the customer is liable to pay interest at the prime rate.


The delivery process for goods is outlined in this document, which outlines the terms and conditions of the delivery process. The customer must inspect the goods upon receipt and be satisfied that they conform to the quality and quantity ordered and are free from defects. If the package does not appear in good condition or the customer is unable to check the contents, they should refuse the delivery.

GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. reserves the right to charge delivery charges, and the customer can choose to instruct a third-party courier to deliver the goods purchased, with delivery charges added to the tax invoice. The customer is also responsible for the courier's fees, which will be added to their invoice. Payment is as per the existing payment terms with GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd.

All risk of the goods passes to the customer when they collect the goods from GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. provides insurance on all goods dispatched to the value shown on the tax invoice while in transit. An invoice signed by the courier is proof that the order was collected by the courier. All risk of the goods passes to the customer once they sign a waybill to confirm the receipt of all goods in good order.

When using the appointed courier, it is advisable for the customer to take out additional insurance for the goods while in transit. Any complaints regarding damaged or missing goods can be made with GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd’s sales department.

The turn-around time given for delivery is an estimate, and GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. cannot be held liable if the courier does not deliver on time. Delivery coverage areas may be adjusted from time-to-time by the appointed couriers, and GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. sales consultants should be contacted to verify coverage.

GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. is entitled to engage a third-party courier to transport goods to or from the customer on its behalf. A delivery date is only an estimate, and the customer has no claim against GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. for any loss or damage caused by reasonable delay in dispatch or delivery of the goods ordered. The customer must grant access to GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd, its subcontractors, and/or their employees to deliver the goods ordered at their premises, and neither GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd, its subcontractors, nor their employees shall be liable for any loss or damage caused.

Return of goods

The text outlines the return policy for goods that do not match the order, defective goods, and unwanted goods. If the goods do not match the order and are not in their original condition, GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. may charge a reasonable amount for use, consumption, depletion, or restoration costs.

Defective goods have a one-year warranty against defects, but this may expire if the goods have been altered or left GeeNet's control. If the goods are returned within one year and proven defective by a GeeNet technician, GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. may replace, repair, or refund the goods.

Goods damaged due to power surges, blackouts, or lightning will not be exchanged under warranty. The customer agrees to cover the full cost of returning goods and will receive a collection notice within 30 days. GeeNet (Pvt) Ltd. reserves the right to dispose of uncollected items once the 30-day notice period has lapsed.

Unwanted goods can be returned for a handling fee of up to 15% of the value if a customer cancels an order and GeeNet accepts the return. Requests must be made within 10 business days of the delivery of the goods.